Top 5 free fire tricks

In this article, I am going to share some of the best tips and tricks through which you can become the pro member of the free fire. There are several things that you will have to keep in mind while you are thinking of to play free fire or become a member of the free fire. So without wasting any time lets get started with the free fire blog. So that you can become the pro player of the free fire.

 Don’t Be Greedy

From time to time, you will see loot crates literally falling down from the sky. They are called “airdrops” and these crates contain the best weapons and armour in the game. You will feel an “irresistible” desire to run to the crate, but do not hurry. Other players also saw the same drop and there are probably dozens of people running to the same spot. Forget the crate: Instead, move towards where it fell and prepare an ambush from a nearby spot. You can kill a couple of your opponents from a distance easily. Remember that greedy players will not survive for long in Free Fire.

Use Headphones

You may fail to notice the movements on the playing field, but you can’t miss “sounds”. Watch out for sounds the other players make, especially in enclosed spaces, and always play with a headphone. If you listen carefully enough, you can tell which rooms other players have entered and exactly where they are. For the same reason, do not move too fast: Your opponents can also hear you.

The Minimap Is Your Friend

You can see the location of other players on the minimap. When someone shoots, he is shown as a “red arrow” on the map. The tip of the arrow shows which direction the attacker looks at. Use this to your advantage: If you are seeing a red arrow on the minimap, this means there is another player near you and for a short period of time, you can see his exact location. Time for an ambush!

Do Not Run

Yes, we know that we said “start running as soon as you hit the ground” before but that was for the beginning of the game. Rules are different during the end-game phase: You have to stay in motion continuously, but that does not mean you have to run everywhere. A moving object attracts a lot of attention in the field of play. The easiest way to let other players know your location is to run in an open field. Move slowly and carefully, and go prone whenever needed. Stay away from open areas and try to stay inside the buildings or near the buildings. In other words, make sure you are protected from at least one side. Do not forget that you do not have to enter the buildings to check the rooms: You can see inside from outside through the windows.

Free Fire offers a wide assortment of acts out that players can get from the world class pass, occasions and the in-game store. These acts out are typically utilized by players to associate with companions. A few players likewise use it to savage their adversaries and attest strength in the wake of overwhelming them on the combat zone.

How to get emotes and what is emotes know more you also reed this.

Avoid Vehicles

Do not use vehicles during solo play unless it is an emergency. Vehicles make a lot of noise and can be easily seen even from meters away. If you have to use a vehicle, do that only for a very short time. After getting off the vehicle, move away from the area as soon as possible. If you are playing on a team, you can be more comfortable in this regard: One of you can drive while the other is shooting. Driving is only useful if you are playing on a team. In solo play, it is a suicide mission.

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