How to become a free fire pro?


A pro player is a player who has enough experience of what guns to carry, what skill slots to take and has a good strategy.

Best gun combo

Scar + MP40 = Perfect combo for players, both the guns are extremely easy to use and kill very fast.

Grozza + M1014 = Combination of best AR and best shotgun.

AWM + AWM = Only for very pro players.

XM8 + M1887 = Combination of two well balanced guns. You will need practice to use M1887.

After gun combo we come to strategy :-

Bronze to silver :- Complete aggresive gameplay, rush and kill noobs and enjoy because even if you die you get minus.

Silver to gold :- A better lobby but be aggressive. Try getting as many kills as possible and try to get booyah !

Gold to platinum :- Now the real rank push has started, if you are greedy you’ll be punished. At this rank you have to know the ultimate truth of the game. The winner is the last man standing not the one with most kills. I can tell you a trick. Survive till 10/50 by camping and go out and get 1 kill, I repeat 1 kill and you’ll get 50+ rank points. This applies only while playing solo.

Platinum to diamond :- To clear Platinum 1 and 2 you need the same strategy and gold 3 and 4. But it’s a bit difficult to cross 3 and 4, you have to survive and get atleast 1 kill to get a high rank point.

Diamond to heroic :- You are a pro if you reach this rank. You’ll meet many pro opponents in your game. After reaching this rank you will have a proper strategy as you have played rank for many days. To reach heroic you need to have patience and a strong strategy. Try to kill players and survive for long.

Heroic to grandmaster :- To reach this stage you need to have proper pc and gaming setup. You also need to play for hours. I conclude it’s very difficult to reach this stage.

The last important characteristics of a pro player is it’s skill slot.

Since most of the players can’t afford DJ Alok. I am telling best combo with coins.

Character : Hayato

Skill slot 1 – Muay thai Kla

Skill slot 2 – Hacker’s eye Mocco

Skill slot 3 – Ganster spirit Antonio/Healing touch of olivia/Speed of caroline/kelly.

Keep these things in mind and you are a pro 😊😊

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