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No tips will be fruitful if you do not have enough personal experience that comes from a series of trials and winning and loosing matches. Free Fire has no cheat codes or hacks that can help you with reloading of weapons or upgrading characters. The only tips that I can give you is to be aware at all times and tohave a good audio systemn – either use headphones or sit in a room with complete silence. The players reading this would know the importance of this point. Other tips can be to not open your parachute mid-air because that would be an opportunity for players on the ground to get a stable target and shoot at you. Also try and get your friends on board with you, otherwise try and team up with at least two more players in the match. That would help you to win the match easily and reach higher levels easily. There are many weapons that are made to fit the purpose, like the Desert Eagle pistol for long-range shooting or the M1887 for short-range shooting. As mentioned before, though, no tips or tricks can replace the advancement that experience can get you. As a gamer, there would come a point of time after which the game would become boring for you or simply come to an end. All this time and energy spent would ultimately be futile. Use your skills, time and energy in something that helps you make money – something like watching other players playing a live match and betting on those matches, perhaps? This is known as live Esports betting and is a rising field in the sports market, especially in India. Parimatch India in one of the top sites providing a platform for users to bet on live matches being played in games like Counter-Strike, Dota6, League of Legends, Kings of Glory, Overwatch, Starcraft2 and others. You can start playing from as low as ₹10 and would even get a welcome bonus in your virtual wallet. The withdrawal and deposit system is pretty good, but if you still encounter a problem, then you can contact them on their 24×7 helpline service.

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